2014 Expedition Race Summary Video

Our media team produced this 14 minute summary video of the 2014 edition of Untamed New England. Use it to relive the 100 Mile Wilderness of Maine, the Abenaki Lost World, or the Kennebec Gorge experience . . . and maybe get inspired for future adventures!

Expedition race photo gallery

Untamed New England Photos
Thank you to our collection of professional photographers for helping cover our biggest and most epic race course ever. They came from all over the world to capture the experience. The gallery is available here or a larger sampling of images can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/untamedadventure.

Can I Do Untamed New England?

Untamed New England -- can I do it?
Untamed New England can be intimidating . . . but also inspiring.

Here are some responses we have to those wondering if they can do this . . .

The Latest News

While there have been plans in the works for a new edition of the Untamed New England Expedition Race for some time, we're putting the finishing elements together before announcing race dates, location details, and opening event registration.

May 2017 is the target to have this information available to the public.

Summer 2018 is the time window we're targeting for the race.

This edition is being called the Abenaki Pursuit edition of the Untamed New England expedition.