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November 29th – December 12th, 2013 November 29th – December 12th, 2013
Coast to Coast... Border to Border, only once in a lifetime!!
Hello Friends Hello Friends

Published: 19/Noviembre/2012

 Costa Rica offers, without a doubt, the best showcase to organize this World Championship. National parks, beaches, heavenly coasts, volcanoes, unique flora and fauna and untamed nature, makes this country one of the most popular touristic destinies chosen by millions of visitors.

Our intention is to organize the first adventure event of the world “Coast to Coast and Border to Border” this is a good lead for all of those that love to study the possibilities of the course.

Many friends have asked us for discounts in the entry fee, and we would like to get everyone a discount, but this is impossible due to the high costs of the race. However now that we are approaching Christmas and we have some Xmas spirit, we have decided to give a 10% in the inscription fee (not hotel fee) for all our friends that pay the full amount before December 31st.  Afterwards our Xmas spirit will have left and no more discounts will be applied.

That’s it for the moment, we will be sending you news from the race course, and remember that you can already read the first information of the event and even register since participation will be limited to a certain quota due to environmental reasons.


 Johana, Pongo y Antonio




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