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Official ARWC 2013 Race Wear
November 29th – December 12th, 2013 November 29th – December 12th, 2013
Coast to Coast... Border to Border, only once in a lifetime!!
The fees The fees

The fee for ARWC Costa Rica 2013 will be $6.000 USD.

There will a $700 USD additional fee to cover the lodging for all teams, including ARWS winners and Costarican teams. This will be mandatory for all teams as all teams must be at the same venue.

The $6.000 USD fee includes:
-  A 5-10 day expedition of a lifetime!
-  A high quality expedition length adventure racing course 
-  Airport transfers to/from Juan Santamaria International Airport, San José.  (NOV 28th - 29th 2013. DEC 13th 2013, only).
-  Logistical support for event (no need for support crews)
-  On-site search and rescue teams for emergency first aid
-  Kayaks for the event
-  Special disciplines equipment 
-  All race maps for your team
-  Official race vest
-  AR Costa Rica shirt 
-  Team tracking and live race website 
-  Pre-race dinner 
-  Post-race dinner and party
-  Race pack with goodies and event prizes (dependent on sponsorship) 
-  CO2 compensation fee (airfares and ground transportation) 
There will be a limit of 80 teams. 
There are already 24 spots taken by the winners, second places and first local teams of each ARWS race reserved.  
To reserve the remaining 56 spots, the teams have to complete the requirement list.
The $700 USD lodging includes:
-  4 nights hotel = NOV 29th – 30th, DEC 1st and DEC 12th, 2013 at Radisson Europa Hotel and Conference Center (
-  Buffet breakfast 
-  To reserve a spot for ARWC 2013 Costa Rica, teams must deposit $1.000 USD before Dec 31st, 2012. 
-  The second payment of $3.000 USD have to be made before April 1st, 2013.
-  Last payment of $2.700 USD have to be made before July 1st, 2013. 
-  Bank/Paypal  fees will be assumed by the team.
All payments should be made in U.S. dollars. There are three options for send it your payment:

1- By International bank transfer.  Payment should be transferred to: 
     Bank name: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
     City: Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí
    Account name:  CRC ADVENTURE RACE S.A.D.
    Account Number:   15113910026001115
   Address:  50 mts oeste Escuela de Chilamate, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí.
   Phone number:   (506) 8866-3823 / 2766-5100
2- By Western Union.  Payment should be send it to:
    Serge Alexander Baker Manley
    ID: 1-814-934
3- By Paypal. to the next e-mail address:  
     (Paypal charges 5.9% commission + $0.30 USD)
Cancellation Policies
 If the team decides not to participate, and deposit has been made, teams will receive: 
-  If cancellation is done before July 1st, 85% reimbursement.
-  If cancellation is done before September 1st, 50% reimbursement.
-  If cancellation is done after September 1st, no reimbursement.

The Race

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