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Official ARWC 2013 Race Wear
November 29th – December 12th, 2013 November 29th – December 12th, 2013
Coast to Coast... Border to Border, only once in a lifetime!!

ARWS 2013 is currectly made by 8 races taking place in 12 different country’s; each one of this becoming the World Cup Final (ARWC). In 2013, Costa Rica Adventure Race is the Adventure Race World Championship Final.

The race will take place during the first two weeks of December 2013.  The course will go across the country, from coast to coast: Pacific to Atlantic, and from border to border: from Nicaragua to Panama. There will be a wide variety of terrains, from long beach walks to ascents of more than 1,000 mts, going up to 3,800 mts of rugged rocky hills.  The temperature will vary from 5°C in cool nights, to 37°C in very hot and rainy days.  There will be several micro climate zones, with some very rainy and very dry areas during the race.

The goal of the race is for the participants to experience an unforgettable race, where the terrain, the climate, and the strategy will test them to the limit.  The experience attained by the organizers in the many races in which they have participated in, combined with the unique environment that Costa Rica offers, assures a great race environment. Tourists can take advantage of the country’s attraction with the motto “Costa Rica: No Artificial Ingredients”.

There has been 3 previous editions of  COSTA RICA ADVENTURE RACE, the only race in the circuit that has brought more than 12 international teams represent more than 13 different countries in every edition, proving that Costa Rica is one of the “must” visit countries in the world. If you would like to see our promos of previous years, go to and write “Costa Rica Adventure Race Promos”.  All editions have been a great success.


The opening and closing ceremony will take place in San José. Opening ceremony will be on November 29th and will include a welcome by sponsors, dinner, teams presentation, and an official photo with the race’s jersey.

The closing ceremony and party will be held on December 12th. It will include acknowledgment to the sponsors, prizes ceremony, dinner, presentation of race directors and races, dinner, and live music. 


The disciplines for ARWC 2013 will be rafting, kayak (ocean and river), mountain bike, trekking, ropes, coasteering, canyoning, and 700+ km. The racers will be supported by the organization staff, and the winning time will be of aprox. 120 hours.


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